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ABOUT / 關于我們


The company is located in Yongkang, the capital of hardware in China. It is an export-oriented enterprise specializing in the production of hotel supplies. Its leading products include polyethylene non-slip tray, high quality non-trace non-slip tray, fiberglass non-slip tray, snack plate, plastic cutting board and other hotel supplies. Our products are sold all over the world and have been exported to more than ten countries and regions.

The company introduced a full set of imported equipment, launched the latest product - special excellent fiberglass anti-slip tray, completely imported raw materials, high impact resistance of fiberglass made, to ensure years of use without any problems. The company covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, the actual capital force is abundant, the employee more than 100 people, the senior technician three people, in order to meet this full of vitality market demand, strive to keep pace with the international trend, the company in Guangzhou and other places set up the sales company. Honesty is our business philosophy, and customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

The company will be a good reputation and flexible way of business to provide customers with a full range of services.


In order to meet the needs of this dynamic market, and strive to keep pace with the international trend, the company in Guangzhou States and other places have opened sales companies. Integrity is our business philosophy, to make users satisfied Is our eternal pursuit.

二十年信譽   品質有保障


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